There are certain yoga poses that can help relieve some of the pain auto injury patients may feel. Whiplash, for example, is a common auto accident injury that can affect the way patients function in their day-to-day life. The pain of whiplash can be felt in the neck, shoulders, and back. Luckily, there are at-home remedies and other solutions that patients can use to release some of the tension caused by whiplash. Yoga is a practice that involves a series of breathing exercises, stretches, and poses that help relax the body. Implementing these 5 yoga poses to your daily routine could make a huge difference in your injury care

5 Yoga Poses to Relieve Whiplash

1. Cat-Cow Pose

The cat-cow pose not only helps strengthen your spine, but it’s great for improving flexibility in your neck and shoulders.

Begin in a tabletop position. When you inhale, arch your back and look up at the ceiling (cow position). After a few seconds of holding that position, exhale and drop your head down. Tuck your chin to your chest as you round your spine (cat position). Alternate these positions on your inhale/exhale for about 8-10 breaths.

2. Child’s Pose

The child’s pose focuses on stretching the muscles in the low back and hips. This pose is great for releasing tightness and soreness in these areas, as well as relieving tension headaches. 

Start in a tabletop position. Sit back on your heels and fold your body forward, keeping your arms extended out. Focus on your breath and with each exhale, deepen your stretch to let go of any of the tension you’re holding on to. Hold this position for 8 breaths, or as long as you feel comfortable.

3. Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog is perfect for stretching the entire backside of your body at one time. This position relieves stiffness and pain in the back, hamstrings, calves and ankles. 

From the tabletop position, lift your knees off the floor, grounding into the palms of your hands. Keep your hips lifted high and shift so that your stomach is facing towards your thighs. Alternate bending one knee at a time while straightening the other. Make sure that you keep your heel on the ground when strengthening your leg. Practice this yoga pose for 5-10 breaths. 

4. Thread the Needle

One of the best yoga positions for stretching your shoulders and neck area is thread the needle pose. While opening up the chest and shoulders, this position works to increase your spine’s mobility.

Begin in the tabletop position. Lift your right arm up toward the ceiling, opening up your chest. Let your gaze follow your hand. After holding for a few seconds, move your right arm under your chest and slide that arm onto the ground. Your shoulder and head should be on the ground. For a deeper stretch, you can move your left arm toward the right shoulder. Repeat on the left side. Hold this position for as long as you want and make sure to take deep breaths in and out.

5. Sphinx Pose

The sphinx pose is gentle on the lower back and works to strengthen the spine and stretch the shoulders. This yoga pose can help whiplash patients get the relief they need without overextending their muscles. 

Lie down on your stomach with your elbows lined under your shoulders. Keep your hands and forearms flat on the floor and lift up your torso and head. Open up your chest, let your gaze fall forward, and focus on lengthening your spine. Hold this pose for 10 breaths.

Tips to Consider When Practicing Yoga

These 5 restorative and gentle yoga poses can help relieve whiplash and neck pain. Only do what feels comfortable to you. Try not to overextend yourself during these stretches. Be mindful of your body and use your breath to guide you slowly through the movements. Practicing these yoga poses every day can make a huge difference in your pain management. If you are unsure if you should do yoga, always consult your doctor, and begin yoga slowly

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