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Why are there so many car accidents in Florida?

Florida is a beautiful state to live in and visit. For that reason our roads and highways are always full of drivers. Nearly 1,000 people a day are moving to Florida to live. In addition to that, we have thousands more vacationers on our roads and highways every day. Most of these individuals are unfamiliar […]

Governor DeSantis vetos PIP reform bill

Governor DeSantis vetoed the PIP reform bill sent to him by Florida legislators. That is good news for Florida drivers. Had he signed this bill, not only would your insurance rates have gone up, but your access to medical care after a car accident in Florida would have gone down. Florida still leads the nation […]

14-Day Rule for Auto-Accidents in Florida

Have you ever heard of the 14-day rule? If not, safety first – buckle up and get ready to learn! So what exactly is this 14-day rule, you ask? Well, if you’ve been in an auto-accident in the state of Florida, it is a requirement that you seek medical care by a doctor within 14 […]

What is PIP insurance in Florida?

PIP insurance in Florida is coverage that gives anyone involved in an accident access to $10,000 in coverage for injuries. We talked previously on how to access that $10,000. See our EMC video so you understand how to open up the funds to the full $10,000.

Have you been in a car accident in Florida and it was your fault?

Even if you do not suspect that your injuries are serious, you should report your injuries. In Florida you only have 14 days after the accident to report injuries. After you report your injuries to a medical physician, you don’t necessarily have to undergo treatment or take medication. The important thing is that your injuries are documented and will be covered if you need treatment.

What is an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC)?

Have an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC)?   An Emergency Medical Condition, often called an EMC, is a medical report which can be issued by a doctor after an auto accident. The purpose of the EMC is to cause the auto insurance company to release the full amount of coverage for medical expenses.  PIP is Personal […]