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Auto Injury Treatment By Telemedicine

If your law practice includes handling auto injury legal cases, call us at (386) 402-4250. We’d like to introduce you to the new way patients are accessing injury care; Telemedicine.

Learn how our board-certified medical physicians can help save you and your client money, stress, and time. Our board-certified medical physicians are available 24/7 via a simple cell phone text-linked telemedicine visit.  By the way, the auto insurance pays for the telemedicine visit.  More importantly, none of the auto insurers have ever challenged a single telemedicine injury visit.

We establish early and complete diagnoses and prescribe medications electronically within hours of the collision.  MRIs are done on the front end of the case so we all know the extent of our patient’s injuries early in the case.  Additionally, we order imaging and provide surgical and pain referrals early in the case. Wouldn’t you agree, it is better to know the extent of the injuries sooner rather than later? We do all this from the privacy and comfort of your client’s home.

The problem with ER visits

Telemedicine appointments have an enormous advantage over ER or urgent care visits.  ERs are full of sick people and your clients wait for hours to report their injuries and secure medications. Furthermore, they are discharged from the ER with a lien up to $10,000 with a final diagnosis of ‘no acute findings’. Reports like this make it difficult to defend the injury case.  All of this is avoidable when our board-certified physicians, experienced in soft tissue injury, see injured patients early. We thoroughly document all injuries including soft tissue injuries and traumatic brain injuries via our telemedicine portal.

Send your clients home and bring us to them. Quick, concise, and complete diagnosis from the safety and comfort of their own home. Additionally, medications are dispensed the same day and often delivered to the front door of your client’s home.  Instead of useless and expensive CT scans, our physicians order MRIs which help identify soft tissue injuries.

We don’t miss soft tissue diagnoses and are happy to undergo depositions and court appearances to defend our work. Our 30 plus years of defending our medical diagnosis, prognosis, and projection of long-term medical/surgical needs will make defending the case easier.

We look for traumatic brain injury, unlike many physicians on the intake side of injury cases. If we find it, we document, report, and refer those cases.

Our board-certified injury doctors are available 24/7 for you and your clients.

We Specialize In Auto Accidents, working with an Auto Injury Attorneys

Don’t let a client miss out on reporting their injuries within the 14-day window because of fear of going to a crowded ER.  Don’t lose an injury case waiting for an EMC.  Finally, don’t waste limited valuable resources by sending a patient to an ER.

A better solution, one that is much more cost-effective, is to utilize our telemedicine injury platform. Our medical physicians can see your clients from their own homes. With decades of experience in soft tissue injuries, our board-certified medical physicians are willing to defend their diagnosis and treatment plans in a court of law.

One call is all you need (386) 402-4250.  Our board-certified injury doctors will take care of all of the loose ends.  Additionally, we help your case with our concise and detailed medical reports, which we can defend in a court of law.

Call us today from anywhere in Florida 24/7 at (386) 402-4250.

As an auto injury attorney let us help you and your clients through this process.

Auto Injury Attorneys – Who Choose Us?

We have a network of local physicians throughout Florida.  These medical physicians and chiropractors can help your clients find safe and effective injury care in their own communities.  However, we understand that you may have your own local network of providers. If you have local providers of choice, we are here to support those providers.

Our telemedicine injury portal gives your clients and local providers 24/7 access to our medical physicians anywhere in the state of Florida. Our goal is to help your clients avoid long waits in local ERs and unnecessary and noncontributory CT scans. Most importantly, we want to help you avoid missed soft tissue diagnoses, which is common in ER reports.

We dispense medications from the comfort of your client’s home. Go ahead and send them home where they are safe and comfortable. From their home, we document injuries, issue EMCs, and order MRIs.  Finally, we refer your client to your local healthcare provider of choice.

Experience injury physicians, board-certified medical physicians

Our board-certified medical physicians have decades of experience in the field of injury patient care. We understand the importance of clear and concise injury and treatment documentation. Furthermore, we understand the need for early imaging and medical/surgical consults.  Likewise, we understand why physical rehab is so important to your client’s injury recovery. Our board-certified medical physicians welcome depositions and court testimonies. We are prepared to support our diagnosis, treatment plans, disabilities, and projected future medical/interventional/surgical care.

Call us 24/7 anywhere in the state of Florida at (866) 402-4250 to discuss your client’s auto injuries or contact us via email.  The call and consultation are free.