Auto Injury Care in Florida

Get medical care after a car accident quickly with telemedicine. At Florida Injury Medical Centers, you get direct care from experienced car accident doctors so your auto accident injury gets documented and covered by auto insurance.

Telemedicine After a Car Accident

We offer auto accident medical care with virtual doctors appointments. Telemedicine can be done quickly and is an effective way to establish treatment procedures. Florida PIP coverage requires that your injuries get documented within 14 days of an auto accident. Meet the deadline for Florida PIP coverage without even leaving your home.

There are Many Types of Auto Injuries

We aim to provide you valuable information thru our informative articles, and provide medical care for your injuries right here via our website. We are here to answer your questions and get you the medical care you need with a licensed Florida Doctor today.

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Telemedicine For Auto Injury Patients

Telemedicine Injury Care

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What is PIP insurance in Florida?

PIP insurance in Florida is coverage that gives anyone involved in an accident access to $10,000 in coverage for injuries. We talked previously on how to access that $10,000. See our EMC video so you understand how to open up the funds to the full $10,000.
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