Have you been in a car accident in Florida and it was your fault?

Dr. Kevin Huffman explains what to do if you are injured and at-fault in a car accident in Florida

Most individuals who are the at fault party in a car accident in Florida often fail to report injuries. Typically, people fear that their insurance rates will go up. Unfortunately, that is a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Dr. Hoffman explains what to do if you are the at fault party in an auto accident.

Will Your Insurance Rates Increase if You Make a Medical Claim?

Every year auto insurance rates go up even for those who have never been in a car accident. In Florida, once a car accident is reported, your rates are likely to go up. This is true even if you do not make a medical injury claim. In many cases, your own insurance company will drop your insurance after a car accident. Avoiding medical care for yourself and your loved ones is not a wise thing to do.

Two Car Accident in Florida

What if Your Injuries Seem Minor After a Car Accident?

Even if you do not suspect that your injuries are serious, you should report your injuries. In Florida you only have 14 days after the accident to report injuries. After you report your injuries to a medical physician, you don’t necessarily have to undergo treatment or take medication. The important thing is that your injuries are documented and will be covered if you need treatment.

After a physician documents your injuries, even if the injuries are minor, the insurance company must pay your medical bills. This is true even if your insurance company drops your coverage.

I’ve seen patients who didn’t think they were injured who went on to have surgery. What if you don’t report the medical injury to a physician within 14 days of the accident? Any and all medical bills will come out of your own pocket.

Florida Injury Medical Centers Can Help

At Florida Injury Medical Centers we’ve made it easy and safe to report your injuries anywhere in the state of Florida. From the comfort and safety of your own home, just pick up a phone and call me at (866) 402-4250. I will document your injuries and make sure the insurer is aware that they will be responsible for any future medical care. I will also call in medications, and send a report to your attorney if you have one. Remember reporting your injuries doesn’t mean you have to undergo medical care, it’s just a legal step to help you access care should you feel it necessary in the future.

Dr. Kevin Huffman
Medical Director
Florida Injury Medical Centers