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Florida auto accidents

Why are there so many car accidents in Florida?

Florida is a beautiful state to live in and visit. For that reason our roads and highways are always full of drivers. Nearly 1,000 people a day are moving to Florida to live. In addition to that, we have thousands more vacationers on our roads and highways every day. Most of these individuals are unfamiliar with our roads, highways and traffic patterns. Additionally, our roads and highways always seem to be under construction or repair. A perfect example of this is I-4 which has been named one of America’s worst highways in terms of car crashes. When you put distracted drivers into this mix, its easy to see why we have so many car accidents in Florida. In conclusion, these factors explain why there are so many car accident in Florida.

Remember if you’ve been involved in a car accident in Florida you only have 14 days to report your injuries to a healthcare provider. Since so many Florida’s are new to our beautiful state, they often are unaware of this rule and consequently miss this important deadline. If you miss this deadline, you may lose access to any injury medical care. That’s why it is so important to report your car accident injuries as soon as possible. With our telemedicine injury portal, Dr. Huffman can help you report your car accident injuries 24/7 anywhere in the state of Florida.

Just call his personal cell phone at 866-402-4250. You’ll be speaking to a medical physician with over 30 years of experience in whiplash and auto injury care. And soon will be on your way to less pain and better functionality.

Florida auto accident
PIP reform bill

Governor DeSantis vetos PIP reform bill

Governor DeSantis vetoed the PIP reform bill sent to him by Florida legislators. That is good news for Florida drivers. Had he signed this bill, not only would your insurance rates have gone up, but your access to medical care after a car accident in Florida would have gone down. Florida still leads the nation in uninsured drivers with nearly one in five drivers carrying no insurance. It may cost you a few more dollars each month to add uninsured motorist insurance to your policy, but it could make a big difference in your ability to access adequate post collision healthcare after a car crash in Florida.

Free consultations for auto injuries

If you have any questions about post car accident medical care in Florida call Dr. Huffman for a free injury medical consult any day any time at 866-402-4250.

14 day rule

14-Day Rule for Auto-Accidents in Florida

Have you ever heard of the 14-day rule? If not, safety first – buckle up and get ready to learn!

So what exactly is this 14-day rule, you ask? Well, if you’ve been in an auto-accident in the state of Florida, it is a requirement that you seek medical care by a doctor within 14 days of your accident to ensure your medical bills get paid for.

What happens if you don’t go to your doctor within the 14 days? What happens if you go to the doctor on day 15? It means you cannot file a PIP insurance claim. PIP stands for personal injury protection. PIP is essentially the insurance you have to buy that pays whenever you’re in a car accident. It will pay you up to your policy limit, even if you’re the party at fault. PIP insurance covers you when you’re in an auto accident that involves a vehicle, even if you’re a pedestrian or on a bicycle.

A this point you’re probably wondering how PIP works. When a PIP claim is made, you automatically can receive $2,500 towards your treatments from your auto accident. However, by getting an emergency medical condition (EMC) completed – you have now unlocked another $7,500. This means depending on your situation, you could get up to $10,000 of care covered under your PIP insurance.

Now that you understand what PIP insurance is – let’s talk about why the 14 day rule actually exists. Please note that the sooner you seek care, the sooner you are able to minimize your injuries and prevent any further complications. Sometimes, pain doesn’t show up immediately. It can show up days or weeks later. This is why the 14-day rule exists – think of it as a grace period for you. It allows you an entire 14 days to seek medical help after your accident.

This is where Dr. Huffman at Florida Injury Medical Centers is here to assist. We’re in 2021 where zoom calls and telemedicine visits have become the new “norm”. Well, Dr. Huffman opened up the first telemedicine injury practice in the state of Florida in 2017. With this being said, that means you’re able to seek medical care from the comfort of your home, your job, while on vacation, or the destination of your choice if you’ve been in an auto accident. As long as it’s been within 14 days, no matter where you are in the state of Florida, Dr. Huffman is here to help you virtually. He is able to prescribe medications, refer you out to the top chiropractors in the state of Florida, and even send you off for imaging; if necessary.

Have you been in an auto accident? Do you have questions on the 14-day rule? Contact Dr. Huffman for a free consultation about your claim. 866-402-4250.

Florida PIP Insurance

What is PIP insurance in Florida?

PIP Insurance in Florida Covers Your Medical Expenses After a Car Crash.

PIP is Personal Injury Protection. It’s an insurance policy in the State of Florida that allows you to be treated regardless of who was at fault. If you’re at fault, you still have access to coverage for your injuries with PIP insurance in Florida.

The minimum required coverage is $10,000 of PIP insurance. In Florida, you have to have PIP Insurance to get your driver’s license. It is illegal to drive without insurance in the state of Florida.

In Florida, PIP Covers You Even If the Other Driver has no Insurance, or if the Accident is Your Fault

So let’s say you have PIP Insurance and you get in an auto accident. If you’re at fault, you have access to the PIP limits. Now, there are other types of insurance that can go above the PIP. For example, uninsured motorists and underinsured motorists insurance. These protect you when somebody hits you who doesn’t have insurance.

All drivers in Florida should have insurance, it’s the law. Unfortunately, some people will get their license, take in their copy of their insurance, then cancel the insurance. This is not legal or right, and if they hit you, there is no insurance coverage aside from your own. If you have just PIP for $10,000 but you have $40,000 of bills, you’re in trouble. That is, unless you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

So let’s go back to PIP in Florida. Everybody in Florida is required to have PIP insurance. PIP insurance covers you and the occupants of your car if there is a collision. Your insurance takes care of you in the State of Florida.

At-Fault Versus Not At-Fault

If you’re at fault, they will pay up to the PIP limits. We strongly suggest you get more than the minimum. It may cost a few more dollars per month, but if you’re ever in an accident it can protect you from being sued by an attorney for damages outside of your PIP. Commercials say attorneys don’t sue people. They do sue people. They’ll come after you individually as well, so don’t be fooled by the commercials from the attorneys. 

On the flip side, if you’re not at fault, say you’re stopped and someone hits you from behind your insurance will pay for your injuries. Then they go after the at fault parties to get them to pay the remaining funds. If you’re hit by somebody that has no insurance and you don’t have uninsured motorist, then you’re getting nothing from the person who hit you.

It’s is Best to Have More than the Minimum PIP Coverage

Billboards where someone won $1,000,000 – that’s not going to happen if they don’t have that amount of insurance coverage. These large settlements you are seeing are somebody hit by a commercial entity or people who have more than minimal coverage. So it’s important that you get more than the $10,000 PIP to make sure you’re well protected.

To recap, PIP insurance in Florida is coverage that gives anyone involved in an accident access to $10,000 in coverage for injuries. We talked previously on how to access that $10,000. See our EMC video so you understand how to open up the funds to the full $10,000.

Overall, if you’re at fault your insurance takes care of you up to that limit. If somebody else is at fault their insurance will be held responsible to reimburse your insurance for the damages. Even if it goes above $10,000 in bodily injury, if there are more than $10,000 limits on that person who hit you.

Document Your Injuries for PIP Insurance

In Florida, if you have any questions about how the insurances work, how to file a claim, or how to document your injuries, give Dr. Huffman at Florida Injury Medical Centers. Call (866) 402-4250 from anywhere in the State of Florida. We are available 24/7 so if you get in an auto accident give us a call. The call is free. 

Dr. Huffman can walk you through what you need to do. If you should use him to document your injuries and start the claim, then he’ll set you up in a HIPPA compliant, secure telemedicine connection. You can speak with him and document your injuries to make sure the insurance is aware of them. If you have an attorney he will make sure they’re aware of them, and also get a report off to your primary physician. 

Call us from anywhere in the State of Florida, 24/7, at (866) 402-4250. 

At fault acciden

Have you been in a car accident in Florida and it was your fault?

Dr. Kevin Huffman explains what to do if you are injured and at-fault in a car accident in Florida

Most individuals who are the at fault party in a car accident in Florida often fail to report injuries. Typically, people fear that their insurance rates will go up. Unfortunately, that is a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Dr. Hoffman explains what to do if you are the at fault party in an auto accident.

Will Your Insurance Rates Increase if You Make a Medical Claim?

Every year auto insurance rates go up even for those who have never been in a car accident. In Florida, once a car accident is reported, your rates are likely to go up. This is true even if you do not make a medical injury claim. In many cases, your own insurance company will drop your insurance after a car accident. Avoiding medical care for yourself and your loved ones is not a wise thing to do.

Two Car Accident in Florida

What if Your Injuries Seem Minor After a Car Accident?

Even if you do not suspect that your injuries are serious, you should report your injuries. In Florida you only have 14 days after the accident to report injuries. After you report your injuries to a medical physician, you don’t necessarily have to undergo treatment or take medication. The important thing is that your injuries are documented and will be covered if you need treatment.

After a physician documents your injuries, even if the injuries are minor, the insurance company must pay your medical bills. This is true even if your insurance company drops your coverage.

I’ve seen patients who didn’t think they were injured who went on to have surgery. What if you don’t report the medical injury to a physician within 14 days of the accident? Any and all medical bills will come out of your own pocket.

Florida Injury Medical Centers Can Help

At Florida Injury Medical Centers we’ve made it easy and safe to report your injuries anywhere in the state of Florida. From the comfort and safety of your own home, just pick up a phone and call me at (866) 402-4250. I will document your injuries and make sure the insurer is aware that they will be responsible for any future medical care. I will also call in medications, and send a report to your attorney if you have one. Remember reporting your injuries doesn’t mean you have to undergo medical care, it’s just a legal step to help you access care should you feel it necessary in the future.

Dr. Kevin Huffman
Medical Director
Florida Injury Medical Centers


What is an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC)?

Have an Emergency Medical Condition (EMC)?  

An Emergency Medical Condition, often called an EMC, is a medical report which can be issued by a doctor after an auto accident. The purpose of the EMC is to cause the auto insurance company to release the full amount of coverage for medical expenses.  PIP is Personal Injury Protection, a required coverage for automobile owners in the state of Florida.

If your auto accident injuries result in an Emergency Medical Condition requiring you to return to a doctor or chiropractor after your initial exam, it is important to have the documentation of the initial injury completed promptly. While the medical condition may not seem like an “emergency” for the emergency room, the PIP insurance terminology still labels it an Emergency Medical Condition, and still requires the EMC report.

Your Chiropractor May Refer You for an Emergency Medical Condition

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Florida, auto insurance limits the amount of money the injured patients can access for medical care until a medical physician (not a chiropractor) issues this important medical report.

In the past what this meant was that patients seeing a chiropractor would be referred out to a medical physician to secure the EMC.  Often that meant waiting weeks to get an appointment with a physician, driving long distances to the physician’s office, and waiting in a crowded lobby with sick patients. 

After an Accident, get a Medical Exam

Even if your injuries seem to be minor, it is important to have your injuries documented. If you went to an attorney, they would refer you for an examination, but what if the accident was your fault? You still deserve to get whatever medical coverage you may need after an accident.  If you qualify for Emergency Medical Condition (EMC), then you will be glad you got the documentation you needed so that your injuries get the proper medical treatment. It is important to talk to an auto injury specialist to determine if an Emergency Medical Condition EMC is necessary.

It can sometimes be tempting to put off what appear at first to be minor injuries, especially if you were at-fault for the accident. Claiming coverage under your PIP will not damage your insurance scores – the accident itself has already done that, and claiming PIP coverage for your injuries will not make matters worse.

Now you Can Get an EMC Exam from the Comfort of Home.

With Florida Injury Medical Centers new telemedicine portal all that hassle and risk has been eliminated.  Now from the comfort and safety of your own home through a simple cell phone connection, you can see a board certified medical physician 24/7 anywhere in the state of Florida who will issue the EMC on your time schedule.

Call 866-402-4250 now and have your EMC issued today.

medical records

The Importance of Documenting Auto Collision Injuries in Florida

If you have been involved in an automobile accident in Florida, it is important that you see a physician immediately so that they can document your injuries. Florida law allows 14 days after the collision for injuries to be reported. This is why Florida Injury Medical Centers has physicians on call to provide evaluations and treatment 24/7 in the state of Florida.

Most auto injuries are minor and do not require extensive medical care or lawsuits, but all auto injuries should be documented even if the injured party receives no additional medical care. If injuries are not documented, your case will be closed and even something as simple as a prescription for Motrin will be an out-of-pocket expense to you.

Florida Injury Medical Centers has made the process of reporting car accident injuries simple, fast, and stress-free. Through a simple and quick text-linked phone connection from the privacy of your own home, a board certified physician can document your injuries, call in a prescription to your local pharmacy, and help you report your injuries to your car insurance provider and your attorney.

We work with an extensive network of chiropractors throughout the state of Florida and can refer you for additional treatment if necessary.

Simply call (866) 402-4250 to schedule your auto injury evaluation today.