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Dr. Steven Petty, Dr. Brett Petty, Dr. Huffman and their Lake Nona medical auto accident treatment team have decades of experience treating car accident patients including whiplash treatment, back injury care, soft tissue spine injuries, sciatica, and more. Everything you need to speed your car accident injury recovery is provided under one roof right here in your back yard in Lake Nona, Florida.

The friendly and knowledgeable auto injury team are with you every step of the way through your medical and rehab recovery.  Our staff knows the ins and outs of the auto insurance process and works closely with your Lake Nona auto injury attorney to ensure your injuries are well documented immediately after your car accident.  With our telemedicine injury portal, you have access to Dr. Huffman 24/7 through a simple text link to your phone.  Our goal is to provide you with immediate medical and chiropractic auto accident injury treatment so you don’t have to waste your time, risk your health, or deplete your limited insurance funds in a local ER or urgent care center where they typically issue poorly constructed reports and miss many of the important soft tissue injuries that you may have sustained in your Lake Nona area car accident.  Remember you only have 14 days to report your auto accident in Florida.  With our telemedicine injury portal you can do that within minutes of your Lake Nona car accident, from the comfort and safety of your own home on your cell phone by a medical injury physician with over 35 years of experience documenting whiplash and other serious soft tissue car accident injuries.

To ensure you have full access to all the money available to you following the your car crash in Lake Nona, Dr. Huffman our medical physician issues an EMC (emergency medical condition) report that notifies the responsible auto insurance that you are in need of the full medical benefits of the insurer to help you diagnose and treat your whiplash and other auto accident injuries.

Our comprehensive healthcare team of chiropractic physicians, chiropractic assistants and medical physicians provides caring and individualized pain management and soft tissue injury care for Lake Nona area auto injury patients.   We customize your physical rehab and treatment based upon your personal needs to ensure you get exactly what you need to overcome your injuries. We are with you every step of the way to your recovery.  Call us or stop by the office today if you are in need of an auto accident chiropractor or auto accident medical doctor in the Lake Nona, Florida area.  You’ll see why some many of your friends, neighbors and family have been utilizing the caring and professional team or injury care physicians at  Lake Nona Medical Injury Center: Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre over the past several decades.

Lake Nona Medical Injury Center: Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre

Dr. Brett Petty

Dr. Brett Petty, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

Dr. Brett Petty studied at Life University, College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia where she received her graduate, Doctor of Chiropractic degree in June of 2000. She has practiced in Central Florida since 2001. In 2007, she opened Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre, P.A. in Saint Cloud along with her husband, Dr. Steven Petty. In 2014 they opened their second office in Lake Nona (Southeast Orlando).

During her years in practice and school, she has studied Full Spine, Extremity Adjustments, CBP, S.O.T., Diversified, Gonstead, Activator and Thompson Techniques and utilizes blends of these during treatment.

In her off time, Dr. Brett Petty enjoys spending time with her family which includes her husband, Steven Petty, D.C., their two daughters, their family & pets. She also enjoys spending time at the beach, going to the local theme parks, music and outdoor activities.

‘My main focus in practice is to utilize compassion and care to affect a greater understanding of health, while helping my patients attain optimal results.’

Dr. Kevin Huffman

Dr. Huffman is an osteopathic physician board-certified in family medicine with over 35 years of experience in the field of auto accident and injury care.  Having treated thousands of injured patients including those suffering from whiplash, sciatica, and soft tissue injuries, Dr. Huffman is an integral part of the Lake Nona Medical Injury Center: Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre here in Lake Nona, Florida.

With our state-of-the-art telemedicine portal, our Lake Nona car crash patients have 24/7 access to Dr. Huffman through a simple cell phone text link, helping our patients stay out of crowded and expensive ERs and urgent care centers for things like medications, medical reports, and injury care  referrals. Remember you only have 14 days in the state of Florida to report your Lake Nona car accident injuries to the responsible insurer.  Now you can do that from the comfort and safety of your own home on you timeline and the responsible car insurer pays for the telemedicine visit

As a medical physician, Dr. Huffman communicates directly with your Lake Nona primary care physician and your Lake Nona auto injury attorney about your auto accident and injury status, so they are up to date on you diagnosis and treatment while you complete your full recovery at the Lake Nona Medical Injury Center: Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre.

Once Dr. Huffman issues his EMC statement your PIP funds increase from $2,500 to $10,000.  Start and finish you auto accident injury care in Lake Nona with a medical physician with over 35 years of experience in the auto injury medical field, you’ll be glad you did.

Lake Nona Medical Injury Center: Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre

Our Facility


Located just minutes from your Lake Nona area home, our chiropractic and medical injury team is here to help you recover fully from your Lake Nona auto accident.

From the minute you walk into our Lake Nona office you’ll notice that our focus is on our patients and ensuring they get everything they need to recover from their whiplash or other car accident injuries. Individual and personal care is delivered by a team dedicated to your car accident recovery.

Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre has been a part of the Lake Nona community for 20 years and is involved in the local community.  Come in for a visit and see why so many of your Lake Nona neighbors, friends, and family have used Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre when they needed medical and chiropractic care following a Lake Nona auto accident.


Having issues when it comes to work or day-to-day activities due to a recurring back injury or chronic pain? Does your neck hurt? Perhaps your joints feel overall stiff, or stiffer than usual? Unsure of where, or who, to turn to when it comes to relief?

Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre can help! Research regarding chiropractic care has revealed that a person’s muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems play a key part when it comes to maintaining health and wellness within the body. When one element within a skeletal system isn’t functioning well, muscles will work against one another, placing unneeded stress on other parts of the body, thus causing a person pain.

In fact, many out there don’t even need to have a pre-existing injury or accident to suffer from back pain. Misalignments within the spine from daily routines and motions (e.g. poor posture, sleeping on an old mattress, improper heavy lifting, etc.) can occur, leaving a person with discomfort, and feeling achy.

When it comes to chiropractic care, Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre can help to gently re-align a patient’s vertebrae, lessen chronic pain, and lead you back to living your best life.


A non-invasive, patient-centered, hands-on treatment, chiropractic care focuses on a person’s muscles, joints, spine, and nervous system.

The spinal column is made up of 24 independent vertebrae and protects your central nervous system. A subluxation, also known as joint dysfunction, occurs when two or more of these vertebrae are restricted; making it hard for your body to send signals out.

What causes these “subluxations” to unfold? Anything from wear and tear from day-to-day routines to a direct force injury (from a car accident or sports injury), to overusing a specific area of the body (for an athlete who trains).

When a person’s spine loses its normal alignment, this can cause restrictions around how their nervous system functions, thus causing damage and pain to a specific area of the body.

At Lake Nona Medical Injury Center; Joint Maneuvers Centre, our chiropractic care specialists aim to correct subluxations, eliminate obstructions to your nervous system, so that you can resume living your active and healthy life. So, cease your search for the Best Chiropractor in Lake None you found us and our comprehensive medical injury team of doctors.


Chiropractors specialize in treating some of the most common automobile accident-related injuries, which can include whiplash, back pain, and even hidden injuries that do not surface until weeks or sometimes months later. Chiropractors can detect hidden injuries, as they are trained to perform neurological and orthopedic tests to evaluate signs of injury that other medical practitioners might miss.

People who immediately experience symptoms from a car accident-related injury can reach out to Lake Nona Medical Injury Center; Joint Maneuvers Centre if they want the best car accident medical injury center in Lake Nona.  We can provide the proper care needed for the fastest recovery. Whether it is a pain in your neck, back, shoulders, or arms; these may be signs that you have suffered from whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a sudden, harsh movement of the head is sustained forward, backward, or to the side. Are you experiencing dizziness, blurred vision, or headaches? These could be symptoms of whiplash due to a car collision, and you should seek chiropractic treatment as soon as possible.

It is vital to receive chiropractic care immediately after an automobile accident. Allowing the effects of whiplash and other related injuries to go untreated can cause long-term pain. Early care and treatment results in proper recovery and faster relief.

Long Term Risks Around Not Seeking Treatment

  • Structural damage
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Damage to joints
  • Deteriorated nerve function
  • Weakened muscle strength
  • Lack of range of motion

Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident Recently? Are You Aware of the 14-Day Rule?

In Florida, you are required to seek medical care within 14 days of an automobile accident, or you forfeit all the $10,000 of medical benefits that you paid for. Even if it’s minor, don’t wait before it is too late to see a doctor regarding a potential injury incurred during a car collision.

If you’ve been injury in a car accident in Lake Nona call our Medical Doctor; Dr. Huffman at 866-4024250 24/7 and speak to a real injury medical physician about your injuries.  The call and consultation is FREE.  If you would like Dr. Huffman to report your Nona car accident injuries to the responsible Florida auto insurer, to your Lake Nona car accident attorney and your primary care physician, he’ll send you a simple text link to your cell phone where you two can connect by a cell phone telemedicine visit.  The responsible auto insurer pays for the telemedicine visit, and Dr. Huffman can call medications into your local pharmacy if need, all this without you leaving the comfort of your own home.  Call 866-402-4250 24/7 and speak to a live injury medical physician about your injuries, remember you only have 14 days to report this injury so do it today.



A personal injury, like a slip and fall, can create servious neck and back issues, which if ignored can lead to chronic neck and back pain.  Additionally personal injuries can lead to other joint and limb conditions which should be evaluated and treated by a team of doctors like those here at Lake Nona Medical Injury Center; Joint Maneuvers Centre.

We have a team of chiropractic and medical doctors that can help you through the acute and painful stage of your injuries and toward a full recovery and rehab.  We are with you every step of the way to your return to full pain free activities.

Fort Myers Whiplash Injury Treatment | Tampa whiplash md


Many Florida car accidents result in traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that often go undiagnosed or unrecognized initially. TBIs can range from mild concussions to severe injuries, and their effects can be long-lasting and even permanent if not properly diagnosed and treated.

Here are some key points to consider regarding car accidents and TBIs in Florida:

  1. Prevalence: Car accidents are a common cause of TBIs, and Florida’s high population, extensive road network, and busy traffic conditions contribute to a significant number of accidents each year.
  2. Types of TBIs: TBIs can vary in severity. Mild TBIs, often referred to as concussions, may not be immediately apparent, but they can still have long-term consequences if not properly managed. Moderate to severe TBIs can result in more obvious symptoms but may still be missed if not thoroughly evaluated.
  3. Common TBI Symptoms: Symptoms of a TBI can include headaches, dizziness, confusion, memory problems, mood changes, sensitivity to light or noise, and changes in sleep patterns. In some cases, these symptoms may not appear immediately after an accident, which can lead to delayed diagnosis.
  4. Medical Evaluation: It’s crucial for anyone involved in a Florida car accident, even if they don’t immediately exhibit TBI symptoms, to seek medical evaluation. Dr. Huffman has been diagnosing and treating car accident patients for over 35 years and often sees Florida auto injury patients with TBI symptoms who have not been properly diagnosed with TBI. Diagnosis of TBI often includes a special MRI called a DTI MRI which is not available in all Florida imaging centers.  Additional medical evaluation may include medical referrals to neurologist trained and experienced in TBI.  Florida Injury Centers and Dr. Huffman collaborates with DTI MRI facilities and TIB neurologist throughout the state of Florida to insure that TBI patients have access to the best TBI facilities and best TBI physicians in Florida.
  5. Long-Term Impact: TBIs can have lasting effects, and early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential to minimize these effects. If left untreated, TBIs can lead to cognitive impairments, emotional issues, and physical disabilities that can be permanent.
  6. Legal Implications: In the context of car accidents, TBIs can have legal implications, especially if the injury was caused by another party’s negligence. Victims may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The best Florida Injury Attorneys know how to handle TBI cases and have experience in presenting their clients current and future medical care needs to the responsible Florida auto insurer. But they can’t do their job without well documented diagnosis, appropriate imaging, and medical consults.  Dr. Huffman has 35 years of medical experience diagnosing TBI, documenting TBI for patient’s attorneys and referring TBI patients into the best TBI medical facilities in the state of Florida.
  7. Prevention: While it’s crucial to respond effectively to TBIs once they occur, preventing them is even more critical, particularly after you have sustained the first TBI. Following a Florida auto accident with head injury and TBI like symptoms it is critical that you avoid situation that put you at risk for another head injury, including activities at work and certain recreational activities that might put you at risk for another head injury.  It is always best to consult with a physician following a Florida auto accident and head injury prior to return to work and recreational activities.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident in Florida and there is a concern about a potential TBI, it’s essential to seek medical attention promptly and consult with legal professionals. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment can significantly improve the prognosis for individuals with TBIs and help them better manage any long-term disabilities that may result from their injuries. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Florida call Dr. Huffman at TBI 866-402-4250 for a FREE TBI consult 24/7 anywhere in the state of Florida.  Don’t ignore even mild Florida auto accident head injuries.  It’s important you seek out medical care as soon as possible after your Florida auto accident and consult a Florida injury attorney if necessary.

Florida Car Accident and PTSD

The association between Florida Car Accident and PTSD  post-traumatic stress disorder is well-established. Experiencing a traumatic event such as a car accident can lead to various psychological and emotional consequences, and PTSD is one of them. Florida Car Accident and PTSD

When an individual goes through a car accident, especially if it involves severe injuries, loss of life, or significant property damage, they may develop PTSD. PTSD is a mental health condition that can occur after someone has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. Symptoms of PTSD can include:

  1. Intrusive Memories: Flashbacks, nightmares, or distressing memories related to the accident.
  2. Avoidance: Avoiding reminders of the traumatic event, including places, people, or activities associated with the accident.
  3. Negative Changes in Thinking and Mood: Persistent negative thoughts and feelings, feelings of detachment, difficulty experiencing positive emotions.
  4. Hyperarousal: Increased irritability, difficulty sleeping, exaggerated startle response.

The severity and duration of PTSD symptoms can vary from person to person. Factors such as pre-existing mental health conditions, the severity of the accident, and the level of support received afterward can influence the likelihood and intensity of PTSD.

It’s important for individuals who have been in auto accidents and are experiencing symptoms of PTSD to seek professional help. Mental health professionals, such as therapists or counselors, can provide appropriate support and therapeutic interventions to help manage and alleviate PTSD symptoms.

If you’ve been injured in a Florida car accident it’s important that the first medical physician you see after the car crash is knowledgable and experienced in diagnosis PTSD.  Often the diagnosis of PTSD is missed because the injured patient went to first to a Florida ER or urgent care center where physicians rarely ask the appropriate questions about PTSD symptoms.

Because the symptoms of PTSD are missed on the front end of your car injury case, responsilbe auto insurers often challenge the diagnosis later in the injury case.  If you’ve been injured in a Florida car accident speak to a doctor with experience in diagnosis PTSD to make sure the diagnosis appears early in the injury case.  Dr. Huffman has over 35 years of experience diagnosing and treating car accident injuries.  From the comfort of you own home you can call him immediately after your Florida auto accident 24/7 at 866-402-4250 for free medical consult.  Don’t delay reporting your injuries or risking a missing the diagnosis of PTSD following a car crash.  It’s important that you are diagnosed early and referred to the appropriate medical specialist for treatment.

Physicians, Attorneys & Chirpractors

Strong Medical-Legal Cases

At Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre, P.A. in Lake Nona, Drs. Brett Petty and Steven Petty, Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine, and Dr. Kevin Huffman, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, treat patients for injuries resulting from automobile crashes. Drs. Petty possess over to two decades of experience in med-legal care. Dr. Huffman has 35 years of experience in injury care.

Drs. Brett and Steven Petty have extensive knowledge in med-legal patient care and management. Med-legal care refers to treatment and management of personal injury patients, such as treatment of injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions or slip-and-falls. Med-legal also refers to treatment of ‘on-the-job injuries’ which fall under worker’s compensation. Their experience in med-legal cases in the State of Florida dates back to 2001. Since 2001 they have treated thousands of Central Floridians who were injured in car crashes, slip-and-falls or injured on-the-job.

Drs. Petty both hold  Advanced Certifications of Competency in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology with The Spine Research Institute of San Diego. Graduates of this program have received the most in-depth, science-based training available today. The program covers the entire spectrum from the physics of motor vehicle crashes to human biomechanics to diagnostics and management. They have also attended The Annual Spine Research Institute of San Diego Scientific Conference in Coronado, California on multiple occasions.

Med-legal patients often have retained legal representation and, since 2001, Drs. Petty have managed and treated patients represented by almost every major law firm in Central Florida. Drs. Petty utilize clinical studies, physical exams and functional history of the individual patient to determine if permanent injury exists. In cases where permanent injury is a factor, Drs. Petty utilize The Sixth Edition of AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment for detailed calculations of impairment.

As is the case with all patients who treat at Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre, P.A., Drs. Petty never hesitate to refer med-legal patients to the appropriate outside medical specialist for collaborative care when medical necessity exists. In addition to Dr. Huffman, collaborative care with medical specialists often include, but are not limited to:


Orthopedic Surgeons


TMJ Specialists

Pain Management


Clinical Studies are an important factor in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries resulting from physical trauma such as motor vehicle collisions. Drs. Petty utilize recent post-injury clinical studies, such as XRay studies and/or CT Scans, when available such as those taken at a hospital, imaging center, or medical facility. If clinical studies have not previously been performed, or if there is medical necessity for advanced clinical studies, such as MRI, Drs. Petty always utilize imaging centers. All clinical studies ordered by Drs. Petty are read by radiologists who also have training in evaluation and diagnosis of acute traumatic injury.

Management of med-legal care begins on day one. Personal injury patients consult with Dr. Huffman and Drs. Petty who ask personal injury patients detailed questions to determine the occupant kinematics and biomechanics involved in their crash. Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) is always a concern when dealing with injuries from motor vehicle collisions and Drs. Petty evaluate for signs of MTBI in order to get patients with MTBI the neurological care they need.

Drs. Petty also perform risk factor analysis based on peer-reviewed scientific literature of crash testing, motor vehicle collisions, biomechanics, and occupant kinematics to help determine long-term prognosis. Risk factor analysis is unique to each patient.

Many cases of late whiplash (chronic) neck or shoulder pain or severe recurring headaches have their origin in a crash that, often unknowingly to the sufferer, was initiated by a cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) injury, often referred to as a whiplash injury, which is a significant injury to their neck.

Following a whiplash injury, there will usually be a certain amount of neck soreness and stiffness as the muscles contract in their attempt to pull the head and spine back into alignment. Thinking that it will “just take time for it to go away” can be a very painful mistake for the future. Anyone sustaining whiplash injury should have his or her spine checked. The sooner the better! Call (407) 498-0222 for an appointment today or call Dr. Huffman’s personal cell phone 866-402-4250 anytime of the day any day of the week.

Poorly documented medical reports can often lead to less than optimal settlements with the repsonsible auto insurer.  Drs. Petty and Dr. Huffman have decades of experience clearly documenting auto injuries and presenting their diagnosis and rationale for treatment and specialist consults in depositions and court.  They also have experience in diagnosis conditions often missed by other healthcare providers, like, soft tissue injuries, whiplash, spinal disc injuries, traumatic brain injury, PTSD and other conditions that help the responsible auto insurer fully understand the extent of your Lake Nona auto injuries.

We work with the best Lake Nona car accident attorneys to ensure your injuries and treatments are documented well so that you get the appropriate compensation for your losses.

How We Help You

We offer a comprehensive chiropractic-medical injury healthcare team to help you recover from your Lake Nona auto accident.  Dr. Huffman is available 24/7 to perform medical evaluations immediately following your accident by calling his personal cell phone at 866-402-4250,  Additionally, he can call medications into your local pharmacy if needed, without you leaving your home.

You only haves 14 days to report your Lake Nona auto accident case.  With our telemedicine service you can do that from the comfort and privacy of your home without the long wait in a local ER or urgent care, without the excessive CT scans and unnecessary testing and without the loss of your limited PIP funds.   Dr. Huffman will also complete the very important EMC which is a medical report that opens up the Florida auto insurance to the full $10,000 so you can get the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for your Lake Nona auto injuries. We file these reports within 24 hours of our telemedicine visit. With over 35 years of clinical experience Dr. Huffman has become very proficient at diagnosing car accident injuries, like whiplashPTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Dr. Huffman will file medical injury reports to your insurer, your primary care physician, and to your Lake Nona injury attorney.  With over 35 years in the injury field, Dr. Huffman defends your injury case, along with your attorney, in a court of law if necessary to ensure you get the maximum settlement possible to ensure you are taken care of following the auto accident and into the future if necessary.  The responsible car insurance pays for the telemedicine visits.

Once we have the accident and injury report filed with the responsible insurer and your auto injury attorney in Lake Nona you then start your comprehesive auto injury treatment and recovery right here in your local community with the best Lake Nona auto injury clinic and our chiropractic-medical team of physicians.  Lake Nona Medical Injury Center: Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre has everything you need to recover from your injuries under one roof.  If we need additional imaging such as MRI or consult with Lake Nona pain physicians, Lake Nona neurologist and Lake Nona orthopedic surgeons we have relationship with the best injury doctors in Lake Nona.

Kevin Huffman D.O.

Dr. Huffman is an osteopathic physician board certified in family medicine with over 35 years of experience treating auto injuries and whiplash.   He has treated thousands of car accident patients and joined the Lake Nona Medical Injury Center: Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre team to extend his injury care to those injured in a Lake Nona area car accident.

Dr. Huffman is available to his Lake Nona patients via his telemedicine portal 24/7 through a simple text link to a cell phone where he can answer your questions about your injury recovery, file reports to the responsible auto insurer, communicate with your Lake Nona area car accident attorney and even call medications into your local Lake Nona area pharmacy if they are necessary, all without you leaving your home .  The responsible auto insurer pays for the telemedicine visit.

As a primary care physician, he communicates with your primary care physician to ensure they are kept in the loop of your car accident rehab.

Whiplash Treatment From Qualified Experts

When you call you speak to a board-certified medical physician with 35 years of experience in auto injury care, not an assistant and not a marketing person.   Call today at (866) 402-4250 for a FREE car accident medical consultation with a medical physician about your case.  The call and the consultation are free and Dr. Huffman is available to his Lake Nona patients 24/7.    See why so many of your Lake Nona family, neighbors and friends have turned to Lake Nona Medical Injury Center: Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre to help them through their car accident recovery. Additional questions?  Contact Us.