Chiro-Med Injury Services –  Grow your chiropractic practice with our board-certified medical physicians

Chiropractic-Medical Injury Services

Chiro-med injury centers have become the go-to for injured patients, referring MDs and referring injury attorneys. Just look around your own community and you’ll see that the busy chiropractic practices have integrated medical services into their practice. The obvious advantage of having a medical physician in your injury practice is securing on-site EMCs (emergency medical condition) reports, access to NSAIDs and muscle relaxants, medical orders for chiropractic services all without your patients leaving your office.

Prior to the days of telemedicine, integrating medical services into a chiropractic injury practice was costly, stressful on your staff, and interruptive to your daily operations. Now with our telemedicine practice, you can have a board-certified medical physician in your practice 24/7 at no cost to your practice.

The image of a comprehensive chiro-med injury center, or medical injury center, one with a board-certified medical physician on staff 24/7, can be leveraged to not only secure self-referred new patients but more importantly secure MD, urgent care, ER and attorney referrals. With the right marketing strategy, you could double your auto injury cases in 12 months.

Medical Injury Centers

Who Choose Us

Hello, I’m Dr. Huffman, an osteopathic physician with over 35 years in the injury field. Much of that time was spent in comprehensive injury centers working with physical therapists, chiropractic physicians,  interventional physicians, and spine surgeons.

Give me a call at 866-402-4250 and I’ll show you how easy it is to become your community’s leader in chiro-med injury care. Let me show you how to market chiropractic telemedicine services to grow your chiropractic practice. Together, we can grow your injury practice. There is nothing to buy, no additional staffing, no interruption of your schedule and no contracts. Use us when and where you need us. You now have access to a medical physician 24/7 at no cost to your practice.

Additionally to a limited number of chiropractic physicians we are collaborating to market your new ‘medical injury’ practice through a FREE webpage on the Florida Injury Centers website.  This webpage will help drive in new unattached Florida car accident patients.

Keep your patients in your office where they belong, integrate medical services into your practice, and become a ‘medical injury center’ at no cost to your practice. Need more information? Call us at 866-402-4250