Chiro-Med Integrative Services – Integrating medical services into your practice successfully

Chiropractic-Medical (chiro-med) Integrative Services

I’m sure you’ve had days where you thought to yourself, “I could use a medical physician in my practice today.” Perhaps it was a need for an EMC on an accident patient, or a muscle relaxant for a long-term patient that was forced to go to a local urgent care center, wait for hours at a cost of several hundred dollars to get something they could have gotten in your office if you had a MD/DO on staff.

Whatever the case may be, you’re not alone. Many of your colleagues have thought about integrating medical services into their practice and some successfully have. The cost of hiring a physician, the need for additional space, scheduling conflicts, additional staffing, and personality conflicts, keeps many of your colleagues from moving forward with a comprehensive chiro-med integrative practice…until now.

We our telemedicine portal we can put a medical physician into your office 24/7 at no cost to your clinic.  A MD/DO to help with medical orders for chiropractic care, medications when necessary, communication and marketing with local MDs, ERs and urgent care centers.  Someone that you can bounce off ideas and get a second opinion on difficult cases again as NO COST TO YOUR CLINIC.

Who Choose Us

Hello, I’m Dr. Huffman, an osteopathic physician board-certified in family medicine with over 35 years of experience working side-by-side with my chiropractic colleagues in their offices. I saw first-hand the stress and cost of integrating medical services into chiropractic practices, which explained why so few were successful. It’s not that these comprehensive services didn’t draw in new patients, new referrals, and an increase in patient compliance. It was just the cost of hiring a physician, the cost of hiring additional staff, limits on physical space or purchase of additional space, and personality conflicts that lead to a low success rate.

Telemedicine injury care has changed everything. Now you can have a board-certified medical physician on your staff 24/7 at no cost to your practice. No additional staffing, no need for additional space, no scheduling conflicts, and no personality conflicts. Yet, all of the rewards of having a medical physician on staff: increase patient compliance, MD/attorney referrals, new patient referrals, evening and weekends covered, again all at no cost to your practice.

There is nothing you or your staff need to do other than pass along our telemedicine portal link. There’s nothing to buy and no contracts. You can use us as much or as little as you need. We bill PIP insurance for the EMCs, and non-injury patients $75 for medical visits.  It’s all done with a simply text link to your patient’s cell phone and there is nothing you or your staff need to do.  It’s fast, inexpensive and convenient for you and your patients

Call Dr. Huffman at 866-402-4250 if you’d like to discuss this unique opportunity to integrate medical services into your practice at no cost to you.  Have questions?  Contact Us.