The Importance of Documenting Auto Collision Injuries in Florida

If you have been involved in an automobile accident in Florida, it is important that you see a physician immediately so that they can document your injuries. Florida law allows 14 days after the collision for injuries to be reported. This is why Florida Injury Medical Centers has physicians on call to provide evaluations and treatment 24/7 in the state of Florida.

Most auto injuries are minor and do not require extensive medical care or lawsuits, but all auto injuries should be documented even if the injured party receives no additional medical care. If injuries are not documented, your case will be closed and even something as simple as a prescription for Motrin will be an out-of-pocket expense to you.

Florida Injury Medical Centers has made the process of reporting car accident injuries simple, fast, and stress-free. Through a simple and quick text-linked phone connection from the privacy of your own home, a board certified physician can document your injuries, call in a prescription to your local pharmacy, and help you report your injuries to your car insurance provider and your attorney.

We work with an extensive network of chiropractors throughout the state of Florida and can refer you for additional treatment if necessary.

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