Dr. Laura W. McChesney, Chiropractic Physician, a certified brain injury specialist and Momentum Rehab and Chiropractic are dedicated to raising the standard of care in the personal injury field. That’s why we have become an affiliate partner with Sportgait and Total Body Recovery (TBRx). We are proud to provide the same cutting-edge neurocognitive/neuromuscular assessments and comprehensive care as those provided to elite professional athletes to our community in need. Dr. McChesney is a BIAA Certified Brain Injury Specialist and has completed certifications from Functional Movement Systems FMS and SFMA, and Concussion Management as well.

It all begins with a comprehensive physical exam that includes a thorough history, mechanism of injury, our neuromuscular exam, and when appropriate, a Sportgait neurocognitive assessment.

SportGait, endorsed by the American Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Academy of Neurology, is a comprehensive approach to helping you recover from a traumatic brain injury or concussion.

It includes baseline testing, injury screening, and accurate, reliable assessments for diagnosing and treating head injuries. This allows us to more precisely diagnose so we can tailor care plans and determine referrals. This means we not only diagnose, but also treat mTBI. Through SportGait’s thorough testing tools, we can track your progress and help patients regain their quality of life as soon as possible.

Upon review of our findings, we may consider spinal ligament injury assessments to determine location and severity, especially to the atlanto-axial ligaments. A trial of conservative care will be tailored utilizing the TBRx principles to regain strength, range of motion and function.

Total Body Recovery is the gold standard approach to managing pain based on techniques pioneered by Alex Guerrero of Tom Brady’s TB12 who joined forces with Peter Cummings, MD. With over 30 years of experience, TBRx utilizes cutting edge, evidence-based techniques combining hands-on manual therapy and functional movement exercises to promote healing and eliminate pain, fast.

As the case progresses, we will refer for specialized imaging, and when necessary, refer and co-manage with top level specialists. We provide concierge service to the specialists and attorneys we work with to ensure the case is handled with top-tier professionalism from start to finish.