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You only have 14 days to report your car accident injuries to your Florida auto insurance. If you miss that 14-day window, you may forfeit your auto insurance coverage for whiplash and low back injuries in the Deland area.

Never Miss that Deadline Again

After a car accident in Deland, go home and call Dr. Huffman for a simple cell phone telemedicine injury visit. Don’t waste your time, health, or money sitting in a local ER for hours. Bring Dr. Huffman to your own home 24/7. Even if you were the one at fault in the accident, you deserve to speak to an auto injury whiplash doctor to discuss your injuries. Above all, Dr. Huffman offers you the opportunity to do this FREE.

Often times, patients don’t experience the pain of whiplash or low back injuries for several days or even weeks after the collision. It’s important that you at least have a doctor report your injuries, no matter how minor. Call Dr. Huffman at (386) 402-4250  and have him report your injuries within the 14-day deadline, even if you don’t pursue further treatment. Once you’ve reported your injuries, you have all time you need to determine if you need additional medical care.

Get the Right Diagnosis From the Start

A big mistake Deland whiplash and car accident patients make is going to a local ER for their soft tissue injuries. Unfortunately, ER staff often miss a whiplash and other soft tissue injury diagnosis. Subsequently, you’ll have medical reports that actually work against you when seeking out whiplash injury care in Deland. Furthermore, hospitals often put a lien on the car crash patients of up to $5,000 just for walking into the ER.

A 21st  Century Approach to Whiplash

In contrast, using telemedicine to start your injury care saves you time, money, and stress. Our telemedicine portal allows you to avoid crowded ERs full of sick people.

Florida Injury Medical Centers offers the best car accident medical care providers in the Deland area. Dr. Huffman and your local Deland whiplash MD, Deland chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and neurologist will ensure you get the best possible care. Most importantly, that care is delivered right here in the Deland area. Deland injury attorneys often refer patients to Dr. Huffman and his Deland Injury Network to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. This local team of injury care providers will be with you every step of the way on your road to recovery.

Call (386) 402-4250 for a FREE medical consult with an Injury Medical Physician. See why so many of your friends, family and neighbors in Deland are using Dr. Huffman and his telemedicine injury services. We’ll help you with the most difficult aspects of post-accident care. Without a doubt, our team is here with you every step of the way.

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