Lake Mary Car Accident Injury Treatment


Lake Mary Car Accident Injury Treatment

Call Dr. Huffman (866) 402-4250 for a FREE medical injury and whiplash consult. Board-certified medical physicians are standing by to provide you with Lake Mary Car Accident Injury Treatment.

Remember, you only have 14 days to report your car accident injuries to your Florida auto insurance.  Do not miss that 14-day window or you may forfeit your auto insurance coverage for whiplash and low back injuries in the Lake Mary area.

The Old Way to Report Your Injuries

Prior to telemedicine, Lake Mary Car Accident Injury Treatment started with a trip to a local ER.  Probably the last place you want to be after a car accident. First off, you’ll sit for hours among very sick patients, which isn’t wise. Secondly, you’ll be exposed to unnecessary CT scans. Third, you’ll be diagnosed with ‘no acute findings’ and finally, you get a bill for up to $5,000. In short, you get all the things you don’t need and it will not help you recover from your auto injuries.

Until recently, car accident and whiplash patients in Lake Mary had no option but to go to the local ER and urgent care. This is because primary care physicians refuse to see injured patients, even their own established patients.

The 21st Century Way to Report and Treat Your Car Accident Injuries

A better approach to reporting your injuries and securing the benefits you are entitled to is to call Dr. Huffman for a simple cell phone telemedicine injury visit. Don’t waste your time sitting in a local ER for hours and call Dr. Huffman from the comfort and privacy of your own home 24/7. This way, you avoid the risk of losing your healthcare benefits without the stress, money and time wasted in a local ER. Even if you were the party at fault in the accident, you deserve to speak to a Lake Mary whiplash doctor.  Remember, Dr. Huffman offers you the opportunity to do this for FREE.

Patients may not feel the pain and symptoms of whiplash for days or even weeks following their auto accident. However, if you don’t report your injuries within 14 days, no matter how much pain you are in, the auto insurance will not pay for the medical care you need.

The first step after a car crash in Lake Mary is to go home and call Dr. Huffman at (866) 402-4250.  As noted, he can report your injuries without you ever leaving the comfort of your own home.  Additionally, he can call in medication, often delivered to your Lake Mary home. Another benefit of using Dr. Huffman’s telemedicine portal is that the office visit is paid for by the responsible auto insurance.

So, even if you don’t pursue treatment, you owe it to yourself to report any injuries you may have so you have the opportunity to get care in the future should you feel it necessary.

the Best of Lake Mary Car Accident Injury Treatment

Dr. Huffman and your local Lake Mary whiplash MD, Lake Mary chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and neurologist will ensure you get the best possible care. Furthermore, if you have your own chiropractic physician or physical therapies, Dr. Huffman can collaborate that care as well.

Dr. Huffman also works alongside local Lake Mary injury attorneys to ensure the best chance that you will be treated fairly by the auto insurer. Together, this local team of auto injury providers will be with you every step of the way to your final recovery.

Call (866) 402-4250 for a FREE medical consult with an Auto Injury Physician and see why so many of your friends, family, and neighbors are using Dr. Huffman and his telemedicine injury services to help them through this difficult and complicated post-injury process.

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