Injury Center Clinics

Been in a car accident and are searching for an injury center clinic near you?  The Injury Center Clinics can provide you with FREE telemedicine consultation with a board-certified medical physician, from your own home and direct you to one of our clinics near you.

Need more care beyond telemedicine, we have a large network of clinics though-out Florida.  We can offer you our comprehensive healthcare team of chiropractic physicians, physical therapists, medical physicians, orthopedic physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and pain physicians, registered chiropractic assistants, and allied healthcare providers ready to assist you with your injury, near your home.

Our offices have years of experience in treating patience from car accidents including whiplash treatment, back injury care, soft tissue spine injuries, sciatica, and more. Our team can create an individual treatment plan just for you with everything you need to speed your injury recovery is provided all under one roof. You are given the cell phone number of a board-certified medical physician whom you can call 24/7.

Injury care convenience with an at-home call

Want the convenience of talking to our board-certified medical physician in the comfort of your home just schedule your visit directly from your phone or computer.  While talking with the doctor he can call for prescription medications and get the medical reports after your car crash and set you up at a clinic near you for follow-ups if needed. Best of all, auto insurance pays for our telemedicine visits. Our physicians also communicate with your personal primary care physician to ensure they are ‘in the loop’ and updated frequently about your care.   Since our medical physicians are also primary care physicians they are comfortable with monitoring your medical needs and communicating with your personal primary care physician.

Call 866-402-4250 today and let us help you through this difficult period of time.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to access medical care through our telemedicine injury portal and we are sure you’ll be very happy with our local physicians and healthcare providers in your neighborhood who will be with you every step of the way to your recovery

Check out below for all our injury clinics and to find one near you or call for a FREE injury telemedicine consultation today.