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Injury Center Locations

Auto Injury Telemedicine Care

Have you been in a car accident in Florida and are searching for an injury center near you?   Look no further, we provide FREE telemedicine consultation with a board-certified medical physician, from the comfort of your own home.  You can’t get an injury center any closer that in your own home, on your own cell phone, through a secured text telemedicine link connection with our medical doctors.

Bring our physicians to you, for prescription medications and medical reports after your car crash. Best of all, the auto insurance pays for our telemedicine visit.

Call us 24/7 anywhere in the state of Florida at 866-402-4250 and you’ll have a access to board-certified medical physicians with decades of experience in injury care.

Injury Center Clinics Throughout Florida

Should you need care beyond our telemedicine offerings, we have a network of affiliated clinics. Our comprehensive team of whiplash MD, chiropractors and therapists are located in your local community, sometimes just blocks from your home to help you rehab your injuries.  Your personal and local injury team creates and individual treatment plan, just for you.

We collaborate with local chiropractic physicians, physical therapist, medical physicians, orthopedic physicians, neurologist, neurosurgeons and pain physicians.  Our medical physicians will be with you every step of the way through your healing process.  You are given the cell phone number of a board certifed medical physician whom you can call 24/7.  Our physicians also communicate with your personal primary care physician to ensure they are ‘in the loop’ and updated frequently about your care.   Since our medical physicians are also primary care physician they are comfortable with monitoring your medical needs, and communicating with your personal primary care physician.

With our network of healthcare providers throughout the state of Florida, we give you several options close to your home for physical medical injury rehab.  With our telemedicine portal you have access to medical physicians 24/7 for medical reports, medications or any medical needs you might have and the best thing about this telemedicine option is that it is paid for by the auto insurers.

Call 866-402-4250 today and let us help you through this difficult period of time.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to access medical care through our telemedicine injury portal and we are sure you’ll be very happy with our local physicians and healthcare providers in your neighborhood who will be with you every steop of the way to your recovery.

Check out our locations near you and call for a FREE injury telemedicine consultation today.