Are you in need of Brandon Accident Medical Care?Brandon Accident Medical Care

The first step to a successful outcome is a call to Dr. Huffman from Florida Injury Medical Centers for Brandon Accident Medical Care.  The call and consult is FREE (866) 402-4250 .  Call anytime day or night any day of the week.  Additionally remember, you only have 14 days to have a healthcare provider report your car accident injuries in Brandon.  Of course, many patients don’t realize they have injuries immediately after a car accident and often miss the opportunity to report those injuries within the 14 day period.  Dr. Huffman makes this process of reporting your whiplash and back injuries easy through his telemedicine injury practice.

Avoid the hospital emergency room if possible

Because primary care physicians do not treat whiplash and car injuries, even for their own patients, many car accident victims go to local ERs to report their injuries.  Generally, in a local hospital ER you’ll wait sometimes for hours in crowded rooms with sick people, just to report your injuries and access medication.   Furthermore the ER physician often  miss the diagnosis of whiplash and soft tissue injuries all together.

On the other hand, Dr. Huffman can generate the same reports without you ever living your home through a telemedicine visit.  Furthermore he can call medication into your local pharmacy that is often delivered to your front door.  Additionally, hospitals regularly expose patients to unnecessary CTs, that add little to your diagnosis or injury case.  By the way hospitals often place liens on you for up to $5,000.  As a matter of fact, some argue that the ER visit often does more harm than good.

There is a better way to report your injuries

First call Dr. Huffman, anytime of the day or night as well any day of the week for a FREE medical consult at (866) 402-4250.  Second, see how much easier, safer and faster, the process of reporting your accident can be.  Third, Dr. Huffman doesn’t place liens on you, therefore you can put that $5,000 money back in your pocket and avoid the unnecessary radiation.  Furthermore you’ll have access to a physician with over 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating thousand of injured patients.

Call Dr. Huffman for FREE medical consult immediately after your Brandon car crash.  From the privacy and comfort of your own home, bring him to you.  No wait, no exposure to unnecessary CT scans, no excessive hospital costs.  More importantly no exposure to sick people in crowded waiting rooms.

Florida Injury Medical Centers is changing injury care in Brandon, Florida

If you choose to use Dr. Huffman for your medical injury care in Brandon, he’ll send a text link to your cell phone where subsequently you’ll be connect through a secured telemedicine portal.  There is nothing to buy, nothing to download and the auto insurance pays for the visit. From your own home and on your own schedule, your injuries can be reported to your Florida car insurance.  Additionally Dr. Huffman will send medical reports to your local Brandon whiplash MD, Brandon Chiropractor, and primary care physician.

From the comfort and safety of your home 24/7 Dr. Huffman can call medication into your local Brandon Pharmacy.  He’ll communicate with your private primary care physician, order x-rays and MRIs as well as consult with Brandon orthopedic surgeons and neurologist.  The auto insurance pays for the telemedicine visit, additionally you’ll have no liens from Dr. Huffman.

Telemedicine is changing how patients are communicating with the medical world and Florida Injury Medical Centers is a leader in Brandon telemedicine injury care, so bring yourself into the future of injury care and call Dr. Huffman today for FREE medical consult or enter into the Brandon injury telemedicine portal here.

Call (866) 402-4250 for a FREE medical Consult with an Injury Medical Physician.