Pensacola Accident Injury Treatment

Pensacola Accident Injury TreatmentNeed Pensacola Accident Injury Treatment?

Call Dr. Huffman (866) 402-4250 for a FREE accident injury treatment consultation 24/7 from the privacy of your own home.  Or better yet, see him for your FREE telemedicine consultation by clicking here: cell phone telemedicine injury visit

Keep in mind, you only have 14 days to report your car accident injuries to a healthcare provider in the state of Florida.  Obviously, if you miss that 14-day window you may forfeit your auto insurance cover.

How do I report my Pensacola Accident Injury?

In light of this 14-day rule, many Pensacola whiplash car accident patients make the mistake of going to a local ER to report their whiplash injury.  First of all, they’ll sit for hours among very sick patients, second be exposed to unnecessary CT scans, and third often discharged with no mention of their whiplash.  Whiplash patients do this because they believe this is the best way to report their car accident injuries.  In reality, it isn’t the best way to report your injuries.

All of the time, money, and stress spent in the ER, after all, is unnecessary with our telemedicine injury tool.

A Better Way to Report Your Injuries:

Obviously, a much better approach to reporting your injuries and securing the benefits you are entitled to is to call Dr. Huffman.   Free medical consult for Pensacola car accident. Don’t waste your time, health, or money sitting in a local ER with sick people for hours.  Just call Dr. Huffman from the comfort and privacy of your own home 24/7 and remember. the call and consultation are FREE.

In the long run, it’s better to rely on telemedicine and Dr. Huffman to report and treat your whiplash injury.  After all, don’t you want to save money and time?  In the event, that you are at fault for the accident, you still should speak to Dr. Huffman.  Keep in mind, often patients don’t experience the pain of whiplash for several days or weeks after the collision.  Don’t miss the 14-day window to report your injuries.  Go home after your car collision, call Dr. Huffman at (866) 402-4250.  Another option is to see Dr. Huffman face to face by logging into a cell phone telemedicine injury visit.  Obviously reporting injuries, doesn’t mean you have to undergo treatment.  However, reporting the injury allows you access to healthcare should you need it in the future.

Above all access the best car accident medical care in the Pensacola area.  Dr. Huffman and your local Pensacola whiplash MD, Pensacola chiropractors, and physical therapist will ensure you get the best possible care.   Dr. Huffman also works alongside local Pensacola injury attorneys as the result, you have the best chance to be treated fairly by the auto insurer.  Together, this local team of injury providers will be with you every step of the way to your final recovery.

Call (866) 402-4250 for a FREE medical Consult with Dr. Huffman.  See why, so many of your friends, family, and neighbors are using Dr. Huffman.   Florida’s leading telemedicine injury services are here to help them through this difficult and complicated post-injury process.