Newberry Medical Injury Center:  Powell Chiropractic

Dr. Powell from Powell Chiropractic and Rehab has asked Dr. Huffman and osteopathic physician from Florida Injury Centers to join his car accident injury team here in Newberry.

Now in additional to the full spectrum of chiropractic and rehab injury services Newberry residents have come to appreciate from Powell Chiropractic, medical services and telemedicine services are now in-house.

Combining the best of both chiropractic and medical worlds, our new Newberry Medical Injury Center has become the best car accident clinic in Newberry.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Newberry call Dr. Powell at: 352-331-9229 or Dr. Huffman 24/7 at 866-402-4250 and see how this new comprehensive medical injury program can help you or a loved one through the difficult process following a car accident.

We work closely with your Newberry primary care physician and Newberry car accident attorney to ensure they are in ‘the loop’ regarding your injuries and treatment and like you, they have access to us 24/7 by calling 866-402-4250.

Newberry Medical Injury Center:  Powell Chiropractic