A non-surgical treatment, spinal decompression has assisted many patients in dealing with back pain problems. Unfortunately, disc issues and lower back pain have become a tremendous medical problem over the years worldwide, where the impact and statistics around the condition are overwhelming. Simply put, the amount of chronic back pain patients increases daily.

Sadly, low back pain is a very common complaint these days, with bulges, degeneration, as well as disc herniations, accounting for a significant portion of back pain cases. The spinal decompression procedure looks to help decrease pain by easing the pressure on a person’s nerve and spinal disc. Achieving this goal with surgery can daunting, as the spinal cord are exposed, and worked around to relieve this pressure. Therefore, many patients opt Spinal Decompression, as it can offer the same results without having to undergo surgery.

If you are suffering from degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, or bulging discs along with sciatica, facet syndrome, and radicular (nerve root) pain and are looking for the best spinal decompression near me contact us for the best help. We provide a free consultation to patients so that we can assess and review cases that can benefit from the spinal decompression treatment.