Vibration therapy is a form of physical therapy that relies on vibrations.

Vibration therapy utilizes rapid-fire vibrations to force your muscles to contract and release. This stimulates blood flow and circulation and tissue growth. Targeted vibrations also provide pain relief by disrupting pain signals. Vibration therapy enhances your body’s natural ability to heal itself and is non-invasive.

How Vibration Therapy is Applied?

When you schedule an appointment for vibration therapy, you’ll either receive localized treatment for problem areas or treatment for your whole body. Vibration therapy uses machines called vibration plates in order to create vibrations. Your therapist will have you either sit, stand, or lay on it, depending on what you’re trying to treat. The machine will then vibrate, forcing your muscles to contract. Vibration therapy appointments usually don’t take too long, making it a time-efficient treatment method.

Vibration therapy can be combined with other treatment options like other forms of physiotherapy or massage therapy for the best results, but it is also effective on its own for certain issues.

Is Vibration Therapy good for Car Accident Patients?

Because vibration therapy forces your muscles to contract, it relieves tense muscles. The increased blood flow promotes natural healing, with how the vibrations can target specific damaged areas of the body and assist your natural healing process by guiding the blood there. The vibrations can relieve pain of compressed nerves, and both ease the pain of and boost the healing in injured tissues, muscles, ligaments, and discs.

Vibration therapy can alleviate stress with how the vibrations make you feel like you’re exerting yourself, and helps reduce your cortisol – or stress hormone – levels, same as if you were working out, as well as boost your metabolism. It can increase your range of motion, due to bringing down inflammation and relieving tense muscles. It can improve your strength through promoting healing in your muscles.

Are There Any Risks to Vibration Therapy?

Generally, vibration therapy is a very safe method of treatment, however there are some risks associated with it. The primary risk of vibration therapy is the vibration level being set too high for the patient, which can result in back pain and potential injury. With a professional therapist, however you likely won’t need to worry about that. You may also want to first consult with your therapist if you are pregnant, have heart disease, are on blood thinners, or have any other conditions that you think vibration therapy may aggravate.

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