Wesley Chapel Medical Injury Center: Augustine Chiropractic is staffed by a group of medical and chiropractic physicians with over 50 years of combines experience in treating auto injuries like whiplash injuries.

Our state of the art facility and knowledgeable medical staff offers Wesley Chapel auto injury patients the best opportunity to recover from their injuries.  Our team of physicians review each individual patients injury history, medical history and pain complaints and put together a customized and individualized treatment plan.  We are not one of those ‘pip mills’ that run a hundred patients a day through the clinic with little or no contact with physician and no individualize treatment plan.  We take our time with each patient, listening to injured patients, reviewing x-rays and MRIs, and customize our care plan individually for each auto injury patient here in Wesley Chapel.

Our medical physician is available 24/7 to our patient via our telemedicine injury portal which patients access through their cell phone.  Our patients have Dr. Huffman’s personal cell phone number so they are never ‘out of the network’ when it comes to their medical injury needs.

Our team of chiropractic physicians have honed their physicals medicine skills over years of treating patient providing the very best of chiropractic and rehab services.  Again this isn’t a high volume center where you see a different chiropractic physician every visit. Our patients are treated personally by our chiropractic physicians and you follow visit will be with that same physician so you have the trust and comfort you have build up with your personal physician.

Remember you only have 14 days follow the car crash to report your injuries to a healthcare provider.  With our 24/7 service you can pick the phone and call Dr. Huffman at 866-402-4250 and be speaking to a board certified medical physician immediately from the safety and comfort of your own home.  Dr. Huffman will communicate with your attorney, your primary care physician and the responsible insurer to make certain all parties are well informed of your injuries.

You physical rehab will begin immediately after you visit with Dr. Huffman, where our team with walk through this difficult post injury process with you every step of the way to ensure you get access to not only our team of medical experts but the best orthopedic, neurology and pain management physicians in Wesley Chapel.

Call today and learn why so many of your friends, neighbors and family have chosen Wesley Chapel Medical Injury Center: Augustine Chiropractic for their auto accident medical rehab