Whats my car accident case worth

The answer is nothing if your injuries are not documented by a medical physician correctly.

My Attorney Got Me $$$

I’m sure you’ve heard of the large settlements touted by high profile attorneys. However, what they don’t tell you is the amount of injured patients they turn away because of mistakes made on the front end by physicians. Unfortunately, many of these physicians are working in hospital ERs and do not fully understand auto injury medicine. Finding a board-certified physician that specializes in injuries caused by automobile accidents is crucial to getting a sufficient settlement.

Avoid The ER

For starters, most injury patients mistakenly believe that they should go to the ER to report their soft tissue injuries. The common belief is that the ER is the best place to get an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, that may be the last place you should be going to diagnose whiplash and other soft tissue injuries. At the ER, you’ll be exposed to excessive radiation from CT scans, which are usually negative anyway (I’ve not seen a positive CT scan on a car accident patient for over a year now). The ER physician will read a negative CT report as ‘no acute finding’. In other words, it means there is no internal bleeding or bone fracture. As a result, ‘no acute finding’ will be documented on your chart as your first diagnosis. When this is reflected on your medical chart, it can have a negative impact on your injury case.

CT Scan Scam

Why are so many CT scans done by the ER? That’s the million dollar question. To answer the question simply, hospitals will charge $10,000 and sometimes more, for the ER visit with CT scans. This means that if only PIP funds are available in the collision, there is no money left for you to treat your true soft tissue injuries and worse, you may have a lien placed on your home or property for any cost above that $10,000 by the hospital. Remember, after all of this financial pain created by these unnecessary CT scan you are sent home with a prescription that you could have gotten over a telemedicine injury platform from the comfort and safety of your own home without the exposure to COVID-19 and with the proper diagnosis.

Medical Experts That Understand Settlements

So what is your car accident case worth? Very little or nothing unless properly diagnosed by a physician who understands car accident injuries. Dr. Huffman has been treating car accident injuries for over 30 years, he knows how to diagnose whiplash and other serious automobile injuries. He understands why MRIs are important in diagnosing soft tissue injuries. As a physician board certified in family medicine, Dr. Huffman knows how to communicate with your primary care physician, local orthopedic physicians and neurosurgeons. With over 30 years of defending his diagnosis and treatment plans in court, he knows what it takes to properly document soft tissue injuries and is an happy to go to court to defend his patients’ right to a fair settlement.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Florida call 866-402-4250 for a FREE injury consultation with Dr. Huffman one of Florida’s most experience injury care physicians. Stay at home where you are safe, let him call medications into your local pharmacy, let him properly document you injuries and let him communicate with your attorneys. Do your attorney a favor, call Dr. Huffman at 866-402-4250 for a FREE injury medical consultation.