Home Remedies to Try after you Car Accident

The symptoms of whiplash and other soft tissue injuries can be felt soon after a car accident. Sometimes, patients may not feel the effects of it until months after. Whatever the case may be, it is important to not only get treatment from a whiplash doctor like Dr. Huffman but to also take care of yourself at home. What you do within the first 48-hours after your auto accident can make a huge difference in your recovery time. After speaking with Dr. Huffman about your injuries, you can try some of these home remedies to help give you some added relief.

Home Remedies


Drink LOTS of Water

The benefits of water are essential to our body. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day aids in digestion and carries vital nutrients and oxygen to our cells. After a car accident, drinking plenty of fluids can help reduce inflammation and relieve some of the discomforts you may be experiencing.

Car accident patients may notice an increase in blood pressure. This is the body’s way of responding to the stress and trauma caused by the accident. Staying hydrated can help stabilize your blood pressure. When you’re dehydrated, your heart has to work extra hard to get your blood pumping throughout the body. When you have an adequate amount of water in your system, you’ll have a higher blood volume that allows your heart rate and blood pressure to normalize.

One of the easiest remedies is to make sure to drink at least 8 cups of water a day so you can rest easier and recover faster.

Keep On Moving

Maintaining a healthy balance of getting plenty of rest and engaging in light activity can make a huge difference in how you feel. By getting enough sleep, your muscles have time to repair and restore function. Keeping your body busy and moving, however, is just as important. While you should stay away from any strenuous activities like weight lifting, going on short walks can be helpful in your recovery process. Walking helps get the blood flowing throughout the body and releases endorphins that can relieve stress and tension. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes and walk on a flat surface.

Another activity that can help relieve the tension in your muscles is gentle yoga. Gentle Yoga allows you to stretch your muscles without putting unnecessary pressure on your joints.

Before you do any physical activity, make sure you are cleared by your whiplash doctor or chiropractor.

Apply Hot and Cold Compresses

A home remedy that has been around forever to help injuries is alternating between hot and cold compresses. Hot compresses can soothe the muscle and reduce spasms. Cold compresses are great in reducing swelling and tenderness. Additionally, applying essential oils such as peppermint oil or CBD oil can help minimize inflammation around injured tissues and muscles.

Speak to a Professional Whiplash Doctor

Dr. Huffman has over 30 years of experience in treating car accident-related injuries. With his guidance, you can get the pain management advice you need to help you recover from your injuries. Call 866-402-4250 for your FREE telemedicine consultation or contact us online.