Sarasota Auto Accident Treatment

Sarasota Auto Accident TreatmentWhat should you do when you are in an auto accident in Sarasota, Florida?

First, call Dr. Huffman right away at (866) 402-4250 for a no-cost medical injury and whiplash evaluation.  Sarasota auto accident treatment is within reach 24/7.

Problems arise because you only have 14 days to report your car accident injuries to your car insurance in Florida.  Do not miss that 14-day window or you may lose your Sarasota auto accident treatment costs covered by insurance.

Don’t Do the Wrong Thing After a Sarasota Car Accident

We have all heard about Sarasota whiplash car accident patients making the mistake of going to a local ER for whiplash or other injuries from a car accident. Not only did they most likely sit for hours among very sick patients but ERs often put a lien on the car crash patient of up to $5,000.

A pitfall of this approach is you go into the ER and they order excessive, often unnecessary procedures like CT scans.  We can’t tell you how often the emergency room wrongly discharges you with ‘no acute finding’ instead of a serious soft tissue injury diagnosis such as whiplash.  However, Florida Injury Medical Centers has a much better option offered by Dr. Huffman who is a licensed Sarasota whiplash MD.

Do the Right Thing for Sarasota Car Accident Treatment

You will be surprised at how easy it is to get in touch with Dr. Huffman for a simple cell phone telemedicine injury visit.   It is so much more beneficial for you and your health than sitting in a local ER with sick people for hours and not getting the best care. You can speak to Dr. Huffman from the comfort and privacy of your own home and protect your right to your healthcare benefits.  Please keep in mind this is also if you were the one at fault for the accident and need a Sarasota whiplash doctor.

Surprisingly, very often patients do not know the extent of their injuries for several days or weeks after the car accident.  Add to this, there is only a short 14-day window to report your injuries.  Do not waste time and call Dr. Huffman at (866) 402-4250 so he can report your injuries such as whiplash or other soft tissue damage.

Treatment for Sarasota Car Accident Victims is Our Goal

Because we partner with only the best medical care providers in the Sarasota area, Dr. Huffman and this team of professionals work hard to ensure you get the best possible care that you are entitled to.  Skip your primary care doctor and go straight to Dr. Huffman, who also works with Sarasota personal injury attorneys as your liaison with your auto insurer.  We want what is best for you as you strive towards final recovery from your injuries.

If you have been in an auto crash in Sarasota now is the time to call (866) 402-4250 for a no-cost/no fee medical consultation using the convenient and safe option of telemedicine 24/7.  We hope to make the difficult and complicated post-injury process much easier to navigate with our expertise and compassion.